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McAfee invented DRM photos posted on Facebook

Which was presented to us as a "condom for your social life" allows you to prohibit your friends to download your photos published. The screen printing is disabled, but we have no details on the exact functioning of this solution.

iPad mini: delivery times lengthen

Opened last Friday iPad preorders have mini seems it really started. Evidenced by the delivery which have been in a few hours from the original date of November 2 to 2 weeks.

VIZIO announced of Windows 8

PC newcomer Vizio has announced their Windows 8 holiday lineup consisting of two all-in-one desktops, two Ultrabooks and a single notebook.

A new generation of remote control helicopter

Enthusiasts gear remote controlled, you ever imagined you spend eternal joysticks with various buttons that never end? Here Chorus Helicopter Remote Control will transport you to another universe.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Nissan Launches Nismo Smartwatch in LONDON

Nissan Launches Nismo Smartwatch in LONDON
The SmartWatch called Nissan Nismo measure the speed of the user's heart, temperature and other biometric data, as well as monitoring the performance of the car, including average speed and fuel.

  consumption.According BBC, experts believe the clock could be an important step toward a better connectivity in cars that connectivity is the new field of battle Nismo car clock manufacturers.

The can be connected to the computer system in the vehicle and provide data on performance and the Nissan vehicle users can also adapted to receive messages through the gadget.

General Manager Marketing Communications Nissan in Europe, Gareth Dunsmore, said that mobile technology is becoming the next big thing and Nissan wants to take advantage of this innovative technology.

Editor of What Car?, Chas Hallett said the car could be connected been more useful than those offered by consumer electronics companies.

Nissan Nismo smartwatch comes in three colors, can be controlled by two buttons on the screen and has a battery life of about a week, the report said.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

fix camera screen black for samsung galaxy

fix camera screen black for samsung galaxy
The problem first :

Galaxy SII getting Unknown error by ErrorCallback Flash does not appear to work.

The problem second :

Samsung galaxy s2 goes black. Unable to take photos

 Now the solution to all these problems

Step 1 : Go to Settings

Step 2 : Select Applications ->Manage Applications or Apps

Step 3 : Select All (Look for ALL on top menu or swipe to the right to get to ALL)

Step 4 : Select Camera. Select Force Stop and Clear Data.

Step 5 : Go back to All and select Google Services Framework.
Select Clear Data.

Step 6 : Turn off (shut down) your phone and turn it back on.
Test your camera issue.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Facebook shares explode on solid earnings

Facebook shares explode on solid earnings
Facebook has reported second quarter revenue of $ 1.8 million Wednesday beating expectations of $ 1.6 billion analysts.

Net income was $ 333 million, compared with a loss of 157 million a year earlier.

The stock has risen more than $ 33 per share in early trading, a price not seen since January. Facebook shares never returned to its May 2012 session Introductory Course $ 38 per share.

A major reason for the new wave: the number of people who use Facebook on a mobile phone or tablet has increased 51% to $ 819 million, year after year.

And the company said that mobile continues to provide most of (FB) global advertising business from Facebook.

Sales of mobile advertising accounted for 41% of total advertising revenue from Facebook. In the last quarter, the share was 30%.

"When it comes to phones, I am very happy with the results," CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during a conference call with investors.

At the time of the IPO, analysts said the lack of mobile revenue of the company was a major drawback for the action and the reason for their sharp fall in the price.

Facebook said its monthly active users totaled 1.15 million, up 21% yoy. Executives expect that Facebook will continue to grow both in number of users and revenue.

"I am optimistic about growth in Asia and the world," said COO Sheryl Sandberg in the conference call.

Recent publication of the company "Facebook for Every Phone" allows people in developing countries access to Facebook on their phone, even if they have a smartphone. There are 100 million people who use the new application each month.

"There is nothing magical reach millions of users," said Zuckerberg, noting that it was a great initial target was exceeded in the fall of last year. "True goal is to connect everyone. "

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Amazon Prime A Good Offer

Amazon Prime A Good Offer
Amazon Prime members are present for several years and, over the years, won some notable improvements. 

 Once is not only a free shipping offer, the first is now a streaming service Netflix and digital library, too. It is a lot to gain with a single subscription.

One is $ 79 per year, however, and there is no way to reduce this amount in advance (monthly subscription program, created in 2012, was fired). 

 Many people will find themselves looking at the costs and ask yourself - is it really worth it? Or I go to Flushing $ 80 down the drain? Let's take a closer look.

Prime At A Glance 

Amazon Prime A Good Offer

Amazon Prime basically includes three major benefits, all of which are only targeted at shoppers in the United States (sorry, everyone else!)

The core benefit is free two-day shipping on items sold by Amazon or by a partner that has its order fulfilled by Amazon. There are no minimum purchases, but this offer does not extend to third-party vendors selling through Amazon’s website (which can lead to some confusion).

Another nice boon is access to Amazon’s streaming video service. The company has worked hard to build this feature out, and it now offers variety that’s nearly on par with Netflix. You can access the service on a PC or through various media devices, like the Roku.

Finally, Prime subscribers can “borrow” one Kindle book a month, for free, but there’s a rather big catch – you can only borrow via Kindle hardware, not via the Kindle app. Which rather feels like a poke in the eye for those who own, well, any other tablet.

A Closer Look At Free Two-Day Shipping

Amazon Prime A Good Offer

Free shipping offer is at the heart of the first is great. Two-day shipping is not free, it's fast - you can not beat that with a stick, right?

Point more critical view reveals that the offer is not as impressive as it sounds. Remember, Amazon already offers FREE SHIPPING on orders over $ 25, sold directly by Amazon or thirty-party provider that has its orders fulfilled by Amazon. And these are the only items that qualify for free shipping two days of the first. So what really pays is not free shipping - receive anyway - but fast shipping.

The value represented by the two-day shipping can vary greatly due to Amazon tends to overestimate the duration of the super saving shipping to get to your door. While often claiming page 5 days to 2 weeks, I realized that it is not uncommon to receive an item more than 5 working days after ordering. However, with two-day shipping on the list is nice when you want an object now.

You can actually pay more for the item, though. Why? Because a first member has an incentive to only order the items directly from Amazon or fulfilled by Amazon comrade and you can even see the price of their place of (potentially lower) prices of other suppliers.

Amazon Prime A Good Offer  

Here is an example, currently the package holiday Xbox 360 2012 sells for $ 292 a prescription filled by the partner Amazon, and when I logged into my account, this is the price I see. But if I'm not online, I rather see a price of $ 281, which is provided by a third party merchant.

Of course, thirteen dollars difference could be compensated for transport and will not break anyone's budget. But a few dollars here and there can add up, especially for Amazon large consumers. Once a member of Prime, eligible providers Premium price will take precedence when connected, which means that you may end up paying more if you are meticulous control tips offered by other suppliers.

 Prime Instant Video Is The Real Value
Amazon Prime A Good Offer

 Amazon Prime Instant Video is basically a Netflix clone, and works the same way. You sign, browse movies, transmit. As long as you have a down payment, you can access all movies available to Amazon Prime members at no additional cost.

The only major difference is the price. Amazon annual subscription of $ 79 is made up of about $ 6.50 per month, which is less than Netflix for $ 7.99 per month. But unlike Netflix, you can take the first pieces per year. If for some reason you lose access to broadband during the year, or others do not need this service, so be it. You have already paid.

But this is the only score to settle. Quantification of the best service catalog is almost impossible, since the first and Netflix see options come and go like the old contracts expire and new signed. Personally, I would say they are at ground level. Both do a decent job to catch the latest blockbusters and both have a good selection (though incomplete) of television programs more. Neither does a good job of planting newly released TV - and that's what Hulu is.

Kindle Lending Probably Isn’t Worth Your Time

Amazon Prime A Good Offer

Note, however, that I said "your Kindle device." Can be used in all cases, this function on a PC or a tablet that is not a Kindle Fire. This is a very important constraint. Of course, you can borrow books for free - but only after paying for the first member and Kindle reader or tablet.

And while Amazon makes hay on their huge selection, millions of songs are not available. Find book lending is becoming more difficult as one moves away from the traditional literary fiction and other genres, such as history or science. And since you can not borrow one book at a time, and no easy way to copy pages, borrow function is almost useless for anything other than casual reading.

Therefore, you must register for Amazon Prime?

The agreement is the first you depends largely on how you can use the service. If you are looking for a provider of streaming video to help you "cut the cord" on cable, the first will be a lot, and I highly recommend taking the plunge.

Those who are more interested in shipping, however, must be careful. All you get is faster free shipping first, and on top of that, you may have to pay more for an item to leverage your subscription. Only very frequent users, or customers who purchase large items (such as TVs), get the most of your subscription.

Then there is the Kindle lending library for all, except for a small niche of followers they already have Kindle and only want to read popular literature, is basically useless. If you want to borrow a book, go to the library.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

google for tv in the future

google for tv in the future
This transmission of streaming services of television, according to sources familiar with the matter cited by the newspaper.

If Google goes ahead with this project that would join other companies that are planning to implement this kind of services that combine existing programs: the semiconductor giant Intel and Sony, the Japanese media group working on similar ads although apple has launched several marketing ideas licensed television media companies in recent years, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Such Internet TV services could have a significant impact on traditional television, the generation of new competitors in the pay cable services already facing competition from the sale of videos through the Internet.

Companies like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon offer TV programs on demand, but the Internet television projects such as Google considering offering traditional programs that allow users to navigate when going from one channel to another "zapping" the google for tv began to present his project to the media groups, but there is sure to reach licensed distribution agreements, the newspaper said.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

How exactly to Add Desktop Wallpaper to Your Computer

Learn how to add a desktop wallpaper to your background on your computer.

 Usually adding a wallpaper to your background is easy:

Steps :

Windows Users

Step 1 : Find an image. You are able to pull one off a search engine, a message, or a photo from your own camera.

Step 2 : Right click and save to your computer.

Step 3 : Find your saved photo, right click it and press set as wallpaper.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Three Basic Components to your Marketing Strategy

A. Your Product:
You need a product that your market actually wants. Whether you are selling your
own products or promoting affiliate products you need to make sure to offer your
customers products that THEY tell YOU they actually want. Find their burning desire or need and give them the solution to the problem they have been seeking.

B. Your System:
Develop a system that actually gets your customers to do what you want them to do. Your system needs to convert your site visitors into customers. If you want them to click the buy now button on your website, give them a compelling reason to do that. Ifyou want them to join your mailing list, make sure they understand without a doubt the benefits they will get for doing so.

For most of the traffic methods mentioned in this report, I would suggest that you don’t send the traffic directly to a sales page. Make sure you have a nice, juicy free product that your prospects can download in exchange for getting on your mailing list. The traffic you will get doesn’t know you yet or trust you – you want to gain the opportunity to build their trust. Give them free stuff, and set up a great Autoresponder series. Let them get to know you – and THEN strike with some mouthwatering sales pitches.

C. Your Traffic:
In the online marketing world, more traffic to your site means more customers. Onceyou have a system that converts prospects into buyers, all you have to do is drivetargeted traffic to your site and you will start making money. That’s the part of theprocess that this report will focus on.

Now, I know that pointing out those three components to your marketing plan may not seemlike earth shattering information to you, but I would be willing to bet that you often get distractedfrom focusing on those few essential elements.

This report is only going to address the third component to your marketing plan, getting traffic.It is up to you to make sure that you first have the other two elements in place. Make certainthat you have decent products to promote, whether they are your own or if you are acting as anaffiliate. And make certain that you have a system and process that will convert your traffic intopaying customers.

Without first ensuring those two things, no traffic tactic will ever do you any good.Ok, let’s get to the good stuff…

Friday, July 12, 2013

pro camera in lumia 1020

pro camera in lumia 1020
Take pictures and videos of stunning quality with the Nokia Lumia 1020 with its 41 megapixel sensor, the Pureview technology, optical image stabilization and a high resolution zoom.

The Nokia Nokia Lumia Cam Pro 1020 app lets you take high-resolution pictures, which means that you can zoom in close to your subject after taking the photo.

  Then you can rotate the photo, crop, resize and share new images as many times as you want.

 Running Windows Phone 8, the Nokia Lumia you 1020 comes with MS Office, and all exclusive features like Nokia Music for Lumia and free voice navigation

 Add to it a wireless charging cradle to recharge without plugging.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

tips for choosing a new laptop

tips for choosing a new laptop
The progress made in recent years in terms of laptops are such that they are poised to surpass in terms of volume purchasing and especially for individuals, traditional desktop PC

 The supply is more abundant, it is necessary to think carefully before making a choice. See here how you determine wisely.


The term "laptops" actually covers a range of computers, new or used, working with a PC. Vista for the old, Windows 7 for the latest.

About our
We focus here to advise you on the types of computers laptops new and their respective utilities.

The actual purchase guides will be an additional item entitled "Buying Guide laptop."

 Our advice


It is essential that you know immediately how you intend to use laptop, you go buy:
  • Is use it exclusively office, or as multimedia?
  • The only be moving you in your home, and very occasionally outside?

No Will you always carry them with you, because you practice a nomadic occupation?

  • During business trips, will you have to connect frequently on the Internet?

No you be carrying only your computer, in your car, or as in your briefcase?

  • You he accompany you in your leisure time, and also on vacation?

It is only when you set your usage profile you will be able to make the perfect choice to be the best for your personal situation.

tips for choosing a new laptop

Now make the right choice
  •  The laptop or notebook, also known as "transportable". If a weight of + / - 3 kg does not bother you, and you have one office use and comprehensive and intensive multimedia. Also, in the case where a large screen you need. Its price is around 600 €.
  •  The ultraportable, if you want to have the same capabilities, but in a lighter machine. The screen will be smaller, and the highest price. Up to 1500 €.

No netbook, if the most important to you are the light. + / - 1 kg, and easy transport in your bag. The screen is smaller, about 10 ", and its more limited capacity, but its price more interesting, about 300 €.

  •  The ultrabook, the latest innovation from September 2011. If your business is essentially nomadic, and if you have a WiFi connection, to go on the Internet to anywhere. In fact, this machine repatriate Internet and your application programs, you'll need.

It is new and not yet on the market, but we are talking about a screen 11 "and a price that be around 800 €. * Prices recorded in September 2011.

Friday, July 5, 2013

how to Turn Off Automatic Updates in Windows 7

how to Turn Off  Automatic Updates in Windows 7
Although this is not recommended, you can disable automatic updates in Windows Update. With this trick, you will be able to disable the downloading and installation of security updates your Windows 7.

To disable automatic updates in Windows 7.
  • Click on the Start menu icon
  • Open the Control Panel
  • Click on ‘Windows Update’ as shown below.
Windows Update
  •  Click on the ‘Change settings’ option on the left side of the window.
how to Turn Off  Automatic Updates in Windows 7  Change settings

  • Now, you can change any settings for how Windows applies updates to your computer. To disable automatic updates, click on the first drop down box, and choose an option other than ‘Install updates automatically’. If you are going to turn off automatic Windows updates, I’d recommend choosing the option to ‘Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them’.
how to Turn Off  Automatic Updates in Windows 7
  • Click on ‘OK’ to save your settings.
Now that you’ve saved this setting, automatic updates will be disabled from now on. Since you will no longer be getting updates automatically, it’s important to make sure you periodically check for updates on your own, and make sure you install them as needed.
Keeping your computer up to date with the Windows updates will help to make sure that your computer is always running at it’s best, and any errors, bugs, or security holes get patched up.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Credit Cards: Fraud up slightly

Credit Cards: Fraud up slightly
The rate of payment fraud and credit card withdrawals increased slightly in France in 2012, said Tuesday the governor of the Bank of France Christian Noyer.In 2012, the fraud rate reached 0.080% of the amount of transactions, or € 450.7 million, against 0.077% in 2011. This rate is up for the fifth consecutive year, according to the Observatory for Payment Card Security, which released its report Tuesday.

This is mainly attributable to a significant increase in fraud at international level (11.2%) due to an increase in card theft and piracy data when traveling abroad but also to an increase in fraud on foreign websites (37%).

Noyer nevertheless welcomed the decline in the rate of payment fraud on the internet in France 'for the first time since 2008', to 0.290% against 0.341% of payments in 2011.

Rise of safety devicesThis is explained by the rise of safety devices for authentication of cardholders, which now represent 27.5% of the transactions in value against 23% in 2011.

These type devices '3 D Secure 'baptized' Verified by Visa 'and' MasterCard Secure Code 'in the two largest credit card, require an additional step when paying with the entry of a code received by SMS or Intelligence birth date.

However, the nominal amount of internet fraud has continued to grow last year and still represents 61% of total fraud.

'This is why I call on all stakeholders, including online merchants most vulnerable to fraud, to continue in 2013 actions to help secure online payments', urged the Governor of the Bank of France Christian Noyer, also president of the Observatory, at a press conference.

In addition, 'the shifting of fraud to international transactions clearly shows that the fight against fraud can not stop at the national level', said Mr Noyer.

A European forum 'Secure Pay', which brings together central bankers and supervisors, was created in this way, to coordinate prevention activities.

Monday, June 24, 2013

The giant smartphone Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

The giant smartphone Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3
The Galaxy Mega is between the smartphone and the tablet and wishes to bring portability and finesse of a smartphone with the power, multitasking ability and comfort of a tablet. With its large 6.3-inch HD screen, the Galaxy Mega is ideal for multimedia use such as web browsing, watching videos, or social networks.The Galaxy Mega 6.3 runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and is equipped with a dual-core 1.7GHz processor, a comfortable internal storage capacity (8GB or 16GB) and an expandable memory of 64 GB to store applications , music, videos or photos. The 3200 mAh battery can enjoy talk time and multimedia longer use.The terminal is also equipped with an 8 megapixel camera and a front camera that offers many modes as Sound & Shot (9 seconds to capture her when the picture is taken), Drama Shot (merges multiple exposures on a photo to see a movement), Eraser (to delete unwanted part of the photo), Panorama, Sports, and many others.Air View function allows passing his finger on an email, an event S Planner, image gallery or video to preview the contents without opening the file. The Galaxy Mega also offers multitasking like sharing screen that allows you to use two applications simultaneously or Pop up video window that reduces the video to continue to look while using other features of the phone.The Samsung Galaxy Mega also incorporates many features to stay connected permanently with his entourage:• "Group Play" allows you to connect up to 8 devices.• "Samsung WatchON" transforms the Galaxy Mega infrared remote control for TV box, DVD player and even air conditioning. It also provides the program schedule and recommendations.• "Samsung Link" to easily share photos, videos, notes or music with a TV, tablet or computer.• "S Translator": the user can say or write what he wants, the Galaxy Mega to provide instant translation, written or voice. Works for many applications such as e-mail, sms or messages ChatON.• "ChatON" instant messaging system that allows you to communicate and share everything we have on the screen with his friends.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Google Play Music All Access iOS arrives

Google Play All Music Access arrive sous iOS
The streaming music service, Google Music Play All Access, available for a few weeks in the U.S., will arrive soon in iOS

 This is again Sundar Pichai who announced yesterday at the D11 conference, but we do not know if Apple will approve the application or if Google will go through a mobile web (HTML 5?). 

Google Play Music All Access is a competitor Spotify and therefore need a subscription fee of $ 9.99 per month, it is integrated with the Google Music app.


Monday, May 6, 2013

YouTube will provide some channels on subscription

The Internet giant Google will announce a paid subscription to some channels from its platform online video service YouTube, the Financial Times said Monday. The announcement, which could come as early as this week, is expected to affect some 50 channels for subscriptions starting at U.S. $ 1.99 per month, according to the business daily quoting sources close to the project.

The platform, which derives most of its revenue from digital video advertising, and should adopt a new funding stream. Without confirming this turn, YouTube told the FT that "was to create a subscription platform that could bring even more quality content (...) for the sake of (his) users and provide creative a new channel for generating revenue for their content, more models based on leasing and advertising. "

YouTube, which has over one billion users per month, already offers since 2011 a series of free channels - a way of preparing the ground for the creation of pay channels.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Google Street View: 50 countries are now online

This is the biggest update of Google Street View by the Mountain View company with the addition of more than 550 000 km of roads and streets, nearly 350,000 miles of roads across 14 countries that were added during this last update. And since the launch of Google Street View in five U.S. cities in 2007 the number of kilometers views added is phenomenal.

Today with Street View, you might as well take a train through the Swiss Alps, an explorer in Antarctica, visiting countries such as Poland and Romania and with this update discover Hungary and Lesotho.

Google explains on his blog that "Now you can take a virtual walk through the historic center of Budapest, the Danube (the river that carves the city into two), see the building of the Hungarian Parliament and the famous Bridge chains. "

In addition with this addition, the coverage of existing roads and streets in France, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore and Thailand has been refreshed and expanded. For example, in France it is now you can virtually walk in the pedestrian town center of Blois.

Even if it is criticized in many countries, the data protection authority in Hamburg, Germany has fined Google 145,000 euros fine for private data collected for Street View recently, there remains a great tool for exploring distant lands or to simply prepare your holidays.

Google and concluded: "From Antarctica to Australia, South Korea to South Africa, the snowy peaks of Mount Everest to the Great Barrier Reef, you can virtually visit more than 8 million kilometers shooting around the world without ever leaving your home. "

Sunday, April 14, 2013

252 million domain names

Particular manager. Com and. Net, VeriSign has a point on the development of the Internet. The opportunity to report the addition of 6.1 million domain names in the fourth quarter of 2012.

The total number of domain names registered on 31 December 2012 and is increased to more than 252 million. This represents an increase of 11.8% in one year, an increase of 26.6 million domain names.

The. Com and. Net total between them 121.1 million domain names (+6.4% a year) 106 200 000 for. Com and 14.9 million for. Net.

 All ccTLDs level reached 110.2 million with an increase of $ 19.6 million a year. A Top 10 account for nearly 63% of all those recorded in the world. De (Germany). Tk (Tokelau). Uk (United Kingdom). Cn (China). Nl (Netherlands) ,. ru (Russia). eu (European Union). br (Brazil). at (Australia). fr (France).

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Yahoo! Mail integrates Dropbox

This week, Yahoo! Mail has secured the services of Dropbox and how and to shatter a limit of 25 MB for sending attachments.

Such support for large files - over 25 MB - is not new for Yahoo! Mail but it was so far carried out in partnership with YouSendIt.

This partnership with Dropbox "Yahoo! Mail adds all new features and simplifies sending, sharing, managing and storing large files in the cloud," said Yahoo!. "Yahoo! Mail users can now access all their documents stored on Dropbox in one click."

For this issue of large files, Google's Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.com resort to homemade solutions respectively Drive and SkyDrive.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Facebook phone: it could well be launched next Thursday

Specialized sites will see the sign to launch a smartphone Facebook: the social network invites the press on 4 April to come "discover his new home on Android."

It all started with an invitation to a press conference. "Come and see our new home on Android," it is written. An invitation that comes from Facebook. It did not take much for the site Techcrunch bet on the unveiling of the "Facebook Phone" in this event. Despite repeated denials of Mark Zuckerberg, the rumors are persistent and have continued to swell in recent months. Everyone expects that the social network has a smartphone under its own brand.

Which ignited the powder? The Federal Commission for commissions (FCC), U.S. agency responsible for regulating communications, gave the green light a week ago in the marketing of HTC Myst. Phone supposed to be the result of a close collaboration between the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC, Facebook and AT & T says the site generation technologies. This phone will probably be an Android smartphone highlight the features of the social network.

As for the "house" referred to the invitation, it could be the home screen of the phone. A screen taking up the homepage of your Facebook account: the news feed, applications, etc. But this is not the first time that rumors of a Facebook phone is a collaboration HTC - Facebook Phone. Already in the summer of 2011, the manufacturer launched the Salsa and ChaCha, which incorporated a specific button to access the social network. At the time, many believed that it was the first incarnation of Facebook branded smartphones, but success was not at the rendezvous.