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McAfee invented DRM photos posted on Facebook

Which was presented to us as a "condom for your social life" allows you to prohibit your friends to download your photos published. The screen printing is disabled, but we have no details on the exact functioning of this solution.

iPad mini: delivery times lengthen

Opened last Friday iPad preorders have mini seems it really started. Evidenced by the delivery which have been in a few hours from the original date of November 2 to 2 weeks.

VIZIO announced of Windows 8

PC newcomer Vizio has announced their Windows 8 holiday lineup consisting of two all-in-one desktops, two Ultrabooks and a single notebook.

A new generation of remote control helicopter

Enthusiasts gear remote controlled, you ever imagined you spend eternal joysticks with various buttons that never end? Here Chorus Helicopter Remote Control will transport you to another universe.


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gifts Facebook: action jumps 6.6%

Send real gifts to your friends on Facebook, this is the new opportunity for social network users (see our article). This is a new possibility for users of Social Network but for Wall Street, it is indeed a new source of revenue for Facebook.

The new feature has been hailed as required by investors. Thus, last Friday, the Nasdaq closing auction, the action Facebook jumped 6.6% and gained 1.34 dollars to settle at 21.59 dollars.

An optimism that could initiate a stabilization action that FB has continued to plummet since its IPO. More than a source of extra income, this new feature will help identify user profiles via the gifts they will be offered. Profiling the most interesting target for advertising.

 Late August, Facebook announced new features already targeting for advertisers (by crossing client databases advertisers than Facebook). This is not the first time that the company Mark Zuckerberg tries gifts. But this time, Facebook was able to draw on the expertise of Karma, acquired last May. The proposed startup an app for iOS and Android to access platform offering gifts.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

FlyIdea the concept of smartphone that using an accessory

To stand out from other concepts of smartphones, a designer has given the extra that makes the difference FlyIdea. In addition to its design, the phone is distinguished by its functionality.

FlyIdea could be the smartphone of the future in the bottom as in form. At first glance, it has an attractive interface that gives a certain elegance.

 Its uniqueness lies sometimes in a multifunctional accessory that is actually a dongle and a headset at a time.

Sometimes storage device, sometimes wireless headset, this device can synchronize with your smartphone. Thus, it can function as a camera sensor game controller music or a video recorder.

Many features that make FlyIdea a unique phone. Depending on requirements, the smartphone and its accessories can operate independently or together. Concept is still far from being realized, FlyIdea is the brainchild of designer tryi Yeh.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Nexus tablet Google at $ 99 by the end of the year?

The Nexus 7 seems to have a hit with users. What Google push to keep going, and why not propose a new tablet more accessible financially?

 Nothing sure yet, but google could still launch soon a new version of its tablet Nexus, more accessible since sold only $ 99.

This tablet is once again the result of the work of Google and ASUS, just as it would be entitled to monitor HannStar Display. On the issue of hardware, it's about everything that has managed to fuiter.

 Suffice to say that this is particularly thin. In short, it would be fun as Google starts this way: imagine a bit of a Nexus tablet offered for a price representing only 1/5 the price of an Apple ipad! Admit that it would be a playing card!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The washing machine of the future

The concept of washing machines Bauknecht from home is not just round, it is also flanked by an avant-garde design.

To design futuristic washing machine, Bauknecht appealed to German industrial designer Arman Emami. Firm belonging to the group already Whirlpool offers a taste of what could be his next washing machine.

 A priori, the machine is more reminiscent of an aircraft engine. Free edge and corners, its innovative design allows it to be placed anywhere.

What change the laundry and put it in the living room or in another room. The unit is equipped with two feet which ensure its stability.

At the options against the washing machine has retained the same functionality as conventional devices. In prototype phase, Bauknecht has not yet disclosed the possibility of marketing its futuristic washing machine.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Windows 8: Microsoft removed features

With the imminent arrival of Windows 8, some users still wonder about the major new operating system. We spent several cases on this subject,

it remains only to wait October 26 to see what the public reception to all these new reserves.
But, apart from new features, we can also ask about the shortcomings of the OS which options have disappeared?

 For what have they been replaced? And can be found through a few tricks, some features and applications of Windows 7? An update was required.

Monday, September 24, 2012

private messages become public on facebook bug

Panic on Facebook. Metro magazine reports that due to a bug, former private messages are published in public to the Timeline.

 Everyone does not seem affected by the bug, which suggests that it is not systematic. Bug or flaw concerns private messages exchanged between 2007 and 2009. These are would display on Timeline of transmitters and receivers of these messages unbeknownst to their users.

It is not the first bug related to privacy on the network but rarely a technical problem the network has been so critical to its users.

 For now, it is very difficult to know how many people are affected by this problem, or even if there is a link (security settings) between them. About the causes of what appears to be a failure history, Facebook has not yet commented.

However, if you encounter this bug you too and your private messages back in your Timeline, here is a method to delete them.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

How Much RAM To Get via Crucial

If you’re looking to add extra RAM (random access memory) to your computer or laptop, you’re most likely trying to make your computer faster and more powerful. By adding more RAM to your computer, not only will your computer run much faster, but you’ll also be able to run tons of programs at once without your system slowing down or crashing.

Before you can upgrade the RAM, you’ll need to know exactly how much RAM your system can handle.

Every computer will have a different RAM setup as well as a different maximum RAM limit. Some computer setups have two RAM slots and others may have four RAM slots.

 The Crucial memory scan is one of the best free resources to use to help you upgrade RAM on your computer yourself.

Crucial memory is a great computer memory company that provides RAM upgrades for your computer. Running the Crucial memory scan will let you know right away how many RAM slots your system has, how much RAM your system currently has, and exactly how much extra RAM you can add to your computer. One of the most significant factors determining how much RAM your system can support depends on whether your system type is 32-bit or 64-bit. 32-bit system types are generally limited to 4GB of RAM as opposed to 64-bit system types which can handle a lot more RAM.

 I ran the Crucial memory scan on my laptop and found out it has two RAM slots and a maximum RAM limit of 2GB (see image below). My RAM is already maxed out since my system type is 32-bit, which doesn’t allow much room for extra RAM.

After you find out your system RAM setup you can properly figure out how to upgrade RAM in your system. If your system has four RAM slots and a maximum of 8GB of RAM, you can get either two 4GB RAM slots leaving the other two slots empty or four 2GB RAM slots. If your system is already at the maximum RAM limit or if you’d like to add more RAM to your computer then what your system can currently support, you can upgrade your operating system to a 64-bit type. All operating system editions are available as either a 32-bit or 64-bit system type.

If you’re looking to add the most RAM possible, a 64-bit operating system is definitely the way to go. You can also upgrade your hard drive as the Crucial memory scan may recommend some solid state drives, although upgrading the hard drive is a much more difficult and time consuming hardware replacement. If your computer has a hard disk drive you may want to upgrade to a solid state drive (SSD). Solid state drives are much faster compared to hard disk drives as they are non-moving memory and completely eliminate file fragmenting as data allowing data to be stored all in one easy to access place.

A concept for Sony Xperia

What would the next Xperia phone from Sony? A designer has created what could be the smartphone of the Japanese multinational.

 It is a high-end phone inspired by the first generation of Tablet S. Designed by Abel Verdezoto, the Xperia has a modern design with fine shape.

From top to bottom, the mobile is refined gradually. This allows for easy storage in a pocket or slip it into a bag. Slim and lightweight, the smartphone is also distinguished by its options.

 Indeed, it would have a 4.6 inch touchscreen, a mini-HDMI port and a microSD slot. With a camera, the logo front lights of different colors for each application.

Most of the Xperia is that it has a hinge that allows placement in vertical or horizontal position. More to switch to speakerphone or watching videos.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nintendo Power will soon be

Nintendo fans certainly know Nintendo Power, the famous magazine devoted to the Famicom and all its descendants.

 After 24 years of existence, Future U.S. is to formalize the decision to publish by the end of the year. Blow! The first issue was dated summer 1988.

 Successor to the Nintendo Fun Club, which appeared every two weeks, Nintendo Power became monthly in 1990. Future U.S. had supported the publication since 2007 and the number 222.

Today, the magazine has a circulation of 475,000 copies. Unfortunately, it seems that Nintendo has not had any interest in renewing their contract or to venture digital. An impasse after which Future U.S.

had no choice but to decide to stop any publication in December 2012. The drafting of Nintendo Power will be reassigned to other magazines publisher, MacLife, GamesRadar or @ Gamer.

Nokia Lumia 510: mid-range Windows Phone 7.8

The rumor that Nokia will continue to launch Windows Phone 7.8 models despite the arrival of Windows Phone 8 confirms with the arrival of the Nokia Lumia 510 smartphone that has emerged in China.

He had already been described under the code name Nokia Glory and is therefore positioned near the Nokia Lumia 610 in the mid-range, with a terminal with a 4 "screen, a 5 megapixel camera on the back and a 800 MHz processor provided by Qualcomm, with 256 MB of RAM.

 At the time of its certification, we learn that its dimensions are 120.7 x 64.9 x 11.51 mm to 129 g and is compatible with GSM / WCDMA / HSPA. It is equipped with Windows Phone 7.5 and shall be entitled to update Windows Phone 7.8, but like other Windows Phone today, it will not until Windows Phone 8.

 For entry-level Nokia therefore always trust Windows Phone 7.x although there are also rumors of smartphones Windows Phone 8 at entry level in the Finnish manufacturer, but rather expected in early 2013.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Was stolen nearly $ 100,000 of the iPhone in Japan after its launch

While some were already lining up outside the Apple Store on the eve of the launch of the iPhone 5 (as at the Opera in Paris, for example), others flying stocks of Apple smartphone.

This happened on Thursday evening September 20 in Osaka, Japan, three separate incidents occurred in the land of the Rising Sun, for a total of 191 iPhone.

Police estimated the total loot nearly $ 100,000 (about 77,000 euros) without say that the three robberies were related.

This should not impact too Apple, the Cupertino company has announced 2 million pre-orders of the device 24 hours after its availability. The Apple brand, however, should contact the sales of the first day next week, as usual.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ebizcuss liquidated: "202 people like this" on Facebook

"Ebizcuss Judicial Sale. 202 people like this." There is a certain irony to announce a liquidation auction and hardware on Facebook.

 The company Ebizcuss first Apple Premium Reseller (APR) French, has yet to do so. For the occasion, the firm auctioneers judicial SCP Marielle Digard - Vincent Pestel-Debord opened a special Facebook page: Ebizcuss judicial sale.

 She explains that the material of its eight stores (5 paris, one in Nantes, Marseille and 1 1 Lyon) will be auctioned between September 30 and October 9.

 Sale on site and online "Will be selling new equipment, demonstration equipment set out in the shops as well as the equipment used by the 400 office employees," wrote Master Marielle Digard, auctioneer court near the Commercial Court of Paris, on the page.

 The equipment will be sold in local ICLG Beaubourg 26 rue du Renard in Paris, September 30 from 9:30 to 19h and can be accessed by Internet Drouotlive.com. The sale will be held in Nantes on the same day, and those of Marseilles and Lyon will be held on 9 and October 8 at the locations specified by the Facebook page. The material will also be exposed on the web: a dedicated page should be opened on Monday 24 September on Interenchères.com (key word Digard) and Facebook page will also showcase.

 End of the road for APR?

The liquidation procedure has been in place since June, but the sale of equipment is symbolic.

 French first APR, Ebizcuss has suffered in recent years, including the change in strategy from Apple. After signing distribution partnerships, Apple has taken in hand in its Apple Stores. Ebizcuss was in conflict with the Californian giant since last April. He attacked Apple for abuse of dominant position, and was placed in receivership shortly afterwards. For the faithful APR is a page that is running.

For all, it is "the opportunity (...) to make good deals on Mac discount," concludes the Facebook page.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A refined version of the PlayStation 3 Available September 28

As we reported in July, Sony Computer Entertainment was good in his cartoons a new version of its PlayStation 3 (PS3) refined and streamlined.

It was formalized Tuesday night in the preamble of the Tokyo Game Show (20-23 September), revealing a more compact design and a sliding cover to access the Blu-ray.

According to Sony, the new PS3 is 20-25% smaller and lighter than the current model. Side configuration, the storage capacities evolve with 500 and 250 GB and a 12 GB version of flash reserved for the European market. For the latter, Sony will offer an optional hard disk 250 GB

The new PS3 will be available in Europe from September 28 with the 500 GB model sold 299.99 euros, followed by the 12GB model from 12 October to 229.99 euros.

250 GB version is not announced on the old continent.

Ten reasons To justify the migration to windows server 2012

We had the chance to test the prerelease version of Windows Server 2012. Some were put off by the interface formerly known as Metro. But focusing mode and the Server Core server interface minimum, the user interface should not play a role in the decision of the majority of those considering the upgrade.

What is more important are the major changes and new capabilities that allow Windows Server 2012 to better manage the "workloads" and the needs of your network. Here are ten reasons to seriously consider upgrading to Windows Server 2012.

1. Freedom in the choice of the interface

A Server Core installation provides advantages in terms of safety and performance. But in the past, you had to decide for one side: if you install Server Core, you were immersed "in the dark", with only the command line interface. Windows Server 2012 changed all that. Now you have a choice.

Microsoft has indeed realized that the command line is great for certain tasks, but the GUI is better for others. In Windows Cerver 2012, the GUI becomes a "feature" that you can turn to your liking. To do this, simply use the Delete roles or functionality of the Server Manager.

2. Server Manager

Speaking Server Manager (Figure A), even many of those who do not like the new interface overall mosaic admit that the implementation of this presentation in the new Server Manager is remarkable.

Among the most significant features of the new Server Manager capabilities include multi-server, which facilitate the deployment of roles and features remotely on physical and virtual servers. It is easy to create a server group, ie a group of servers that can be managed together. Improvements in remote administration enable you to service servers without having to establish an RDP connection.

3. SMB 3.0

SMB (Server Message Block) has been significantly improved in Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8. The new version of SMB supports new features of file server, such as SMB transparent failover, scalability SMB, multi SMB, SMB Direct SMB encryption, VSS for SMB file sharing, the lease directory SMB and SMB PowerShell. This is what is called for money ...

It works perfectly with Hyper-V, so that the VHD files and configuration files of virtual machines can be hosted on SMB 3.0. It is also possible to store a SQL database on an SMB share, with better performance. For more details on the new SMB 3.0, read this post.

4. Dynamic access control (DAC)

While some may argue that Microsoft has neglected security in recent years, it would be more accurate to say he has continued to focus on security products for distinct focus on the integration of security into every part of the operating system.

The dynamic access control is an example: it helps professionals create more centralized security models for access to network resources by tagging sensitive data both manually and automatically, depending on factors such as the file's contents or its creator. Access controls based on the statements can then be applied.

5. Storage space

Storage is a hot topic in the world and complex computer today. Despite the fact that we will all end one day or the other by any store in the public cloud, this day is still far away (and for many companies concerned about the security and reliability, it may never happen ).

There are many ways to store data on your network in a way that provides better utilization of storage resources, centralized management and scalability, as well as security and reliability. This is particularly the case of SAN and NAS. But these solutions can be expensive and difficult to implement.

The storage spaces are a new feature of Windows Server 2012 that allows you to use cheap disk to create a storage area, which can then be divided into spaces that are used as physical disks. They can include hot spares and use redundancy methods such as parity or mirrored on two or three players. You can add new records at any time, and space may be larger than the physical capacity of the area. When you add new disks, space automatically uses this extra capacity. To learn more about storage space, read this post appeared on MSDN.

6. Hyper-V Replica

Virtualization is inseparable from the world of today servers, Hyper-V is Microsoft's answer to VMware. Although it took immediately the head, the platform virtualization Microsoft has gone to great lengths to catch up. At each iteration, the Windows hypervisor improves a little more, and Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 introduces a number of new features, the most interesting being replicas Hyper-V.

This is a replication mechanism that will be a boon for disaster recovery in SMEs are not always able to deploy solutions replication complex and costly. It logs changes to disk in a virtual machine and uses compression to save bandwidth, making replication from a primary server to a replica server. You can store multiple snapshots (snapshots) of a virtual machine on the replica server, then select the one you want to use.

This also works well with autonomous clusters with hosts, in any combination: self-autonomous cluster to cluster, cluster or standalone cluster independently. For more information on Hyper-V Replica, read this TechNet article.

7. Improvements VDI

The Windows Terminal Services have come a long way since they first appeared in Windows NT Terminal Server Edition. Renamed Remote Desktop Services, they are no longer content to establish an RDP connection to the desktop of a remote computer but have largely enriched. Microsoft offered a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) centralized in Windows Server 2008 R2, but it was still a bit messy. Significant improvements were made in Windows Server 2012.

Longer need a dedicated graphics card on the server to use RemoteFX, which significantly improves the graphic quality of RDP. Instead, you can use virtualized graphics processor on standard server hardware. Access USB over RDP is much better, and the functionality of a balanced load distribution can control how the processor, memory, disk space and bandwidth is allocated between users to avoid problems of monopolization of bandwidth. To learn more about the improvements and VDI RDP in Windows Server 2012, read this article.

8. DirectAccess more intuitive

DirectAccess was supposed to be the "alternative to VPN" from Microsoft, a means of establishing a secure connection between the client and the corporate network without impacting performance and user experience with a more transparent than traditional VPN. Not only do users do not have to deal with running the VPN, but administrators also benefit from greater control over the machines, with the ability to manage even before users connect to it. To apply a group policy, you use the same tools to manage computers physically present on the corporate network.

Why everyone has he not used DirectAccess in Windows Server 2008 R2 instead of VPN? A major obstacle was the dependence IPv6. In addition, virtualization was impossible. These obstacles are a thing of the past. In Windows Server 2012, DirectAccess works with IPv4 without going through conversion technologies, and the DirectAccess server running at the network edge can now be a Hyper-V virtual machine. Windows Server 2012 version of DirectAccess is also easier to configure, thanks to new assistant.


Despite the many advantages compared to the first NTFS file systems FAT, it is in place since 1993, and Windows aficionados expecting a new file system for a long time. In 2004, we were looking forward WinFS, but we were disappointed in Vista does not include. Similarly, speculations ran quickly to the introduction of a new file system with Windows 7, but that was not the case.

Windows Server 2012 brings the new file system as expected: refs or resilient file system. It supports many of the features of NTFS, but leaves a few others aside, the most notable perhaps being the compression of files, EFS and disk quotas.

In exchange, we offer Refs data verification and auto-correction, and is designed to work with the storage space to create logical storage areas collapsible / expandable. The new file system supports a maximum scalability, supporting up to 16 exabytes in practice. (This is the maximum theoretical specifications NTFS, but in reality, it is limited to 16 terabytes). Refs accepts a theoretical limit of 256 zétaoctets (over 270 billion terabytes), which allows great scalability .

10. Simplified license management

Anyone who has worked with server licenses objected that the very term "simplified license management" is an oxymoron. However, Microsoft has listened to customers who are confused and frustrated by the complexity when they find the correct edition and understand what it really will cost. Windows Server 2012 is available in four editions only: Datacenter, Standard, and Essentials Foundation.

The first two are offered with a per processor license plus a CAL, and the other two (for small businesses) with a license server and limits on the number of user accounts (15 for Foundation and 25 edition edition Essentials). For details of license for each edition, visit Microsoft's website.

Monday, September 17, 2012

A chip capable of charging a battery

After many years of research, Intel engineers have developed a system that can recharge any electronic gadget without any wire or connection.

In fact, just place the device to reload at a distance of 20 mm from another unit. Called Wireless ChargingTechnology (WCT), these chips will fall into two distinct categories: the first will be sending and receiving the second.

To be functional, Wireless ChargingTechnology operates the electromagnetic resonance system.

The waiting time is one hour for a fully charged battery. However, this lapse of time is variable depending on the device.

In collaboration with IDT, a company specializing in the field of wireless communications, Intel plans to produce these chips in 2013.

The iPhone 5 explodes counters, Samsung Galaxy talks about his S4

If we believe the reactions to hot those of you who follow us on twitter, the iPhone 5 was rather disappointing and logically promised a relative commercial flop.

Nay! Apple today delivered an estimate of the number of pre-orders placed during the first 24 h: they amount to 2 million, more than twice those recorded at the launch of the iPhone 4S.

This success is consistent with the expectations of analysts who expect sales doubled compared to the iPhone 4S last year.

But Apple's competitors heard everything to stem the tide iPhone 5.

Samsung in particular has not only published comparative advertising sarcastic about the new iPhone, but also lit a fire against leaving some of its "responsible" Korea Times communicate some information about the Galaxy S4.

According to its "leaks", the S4 will be launched at the next MWC in February 2013, only nine months after the Galaxy S3 presented at the beginning of May 2012.

This accelerated renewal sounds like an admission of the strength of the iPhone and it is not the only Samsung has made another communicating its sales forecast of S3.

That it took only 60 days to sell 10 million units, then 46 days to reach 20 million, should wait until the end of this year, is still a further 3 months to over 30 million sales.

S4 happen but with strong arguments (though somewhat already seen): a faster processor (undoubtedly Exynos 5250, that is to say, a Cortex A15 able to compete with the A6) and a screen always larger than 5 inches. Continue the design style "rounded rectangle" (sic).

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Turn on the light with a arcade stick

If you are fond of arcade games, then this design should entice you. Here's a switch arcade, an original and a bit geeky to turn on the light in your home.

Power-up Light Switch is far from a conventional switch. But to clarify, it offers the opportunity to do a fun way for the sake of the players in particular. Can serve as a decorative element, the wall switch is equipped with arcade buttons.

As a bonus, the accessory is able to reproduce the same sound than some arcade games. Thus, the user can have fun on and off the light.

No need handyman to install it. Simply replace the switch cover by Power-up Light Switch. Push the joystick, pressing a button, you even get to the famous "cheep-cheep".

Already available on ThinkGeek, the special switch is valued at $ 30

Saturday, September 15, 2012

HP offer new smartphones

The group HP has long been a leader in the PDA in the 2000s and has evolved into smartphones and finally PDAPhones but always remaining within the framework of products for professionals, without seeing the rise of consumer uses.

Overwhelmed, he let others take over a track that had contributed to the emergence PocketPC / Windows Mobile before attempting a comeback recently by buying Palm and its WebOS system.

The initiative, which would give the company a presence in the market for tablets and smartphones public was a resounding fiasco. Now, the group will try a new stimulus with Windows 8 tablets but staying again on the slope by professional proposals under x86 only, and not in ARM / Windows RT.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Skype connection with accounts Microsoft, Facebook

The latest beta version of Skype for Windows and OS X allows users to connect with Microsoft and Facebook accounts.

Both Windows and OS X, Skype offers a beta version 5.11 of its VoIP software. It is announced with the addition of support for Microsoft and Facebook accounts to connect to the VoIP service.

Users will then be able to connect with such ID and Microsoft instant messaging chat with anyone using Windows Messenger, Hotmail and Xbox or from his successor Outlook.com.

Facebook, Skype suggests a better integration "you can connect directly with your Facebook account without the need to first create a Skype account."

Developers add that in connection with a Microsoft or Facebook, it will be offered an option to link with Skype. Where appropriate, a combined list of contacts is displayed.

Fujifilm to end production of movie film

Fujifilm has announced that it stopped production of negatives (film used during video recording) and positive (used for projection) in March 2013. This is an ad for the symbolic world of cinema that advances more rapidly to digital.

The company says it will still produce more films for archiving that are marked for a life of 500 years.

This decision is highly symbolic. There are still some manufacturers of video films, but they are rare. Fujifilm was one of the greatest, but the decline in demand made ​​the market unattractive. He could not produce at a reasonable price. It nevertheless retains its activity movies photo.

The question is for how much longer (see "Completing the silver Nikon").

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

McAfee invented DRM photos posted on Facebook

Which was presented to us as a "condom for your social life" allows you to prohibit your friends to download your photos published.

The screen printing is disabled, but we have no details on the exact functioning of this solution.

It will still be difficult to understand the value of DRMiser content published on a social network. Indeed, the best attitude for the content that you will not see published remains ... not to publish them. For the rest, when a screen can display content, it is anyway possible to circumvent such a solution one way or another.

With such a tool, McAfee probably trying to have a social dimension, giving the impression to the users should be protected especially while educating them on the risks of social networks or learn to properly manage parameters thereof.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

iPhone 5: Samsung is preparing to sue Apple

Eye for an eye ... If Apple went to war against his rival flagship terminal (20 million units sold in 100 days), the Galaxy S3, Samsung does not hear him either be inactive while the U.S. should soon launch its latest iPhone.

According to a Korean newspaper, the Korea Times, Samsung has already decided to pursue a legal Apple again, this time with the line of sight the iPhone 5. Apple would target these legal actions in Europe and even the United States.

To attack Apple, Korean invoke its patents on 4G LTE connectivity.

As the U.S. carmaker is preparing, with the iPhone 5, putting on the market a 4G smartphone.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

iPhone 5: compatible LTE in Europe

The new Apple iPhone should carry a modem compatible with LTE networks worldwide (almost) and then in Europe.

After the 4G LTE compatibility (Long Term Evolution) that the new iPad has finally been limited to the United States and Canada, the rest of the world can access the best of 3G DC-HSPA + 42 Mbps, the question of LTE compatible iPhone 5 arises and if it is proved, with what frequency LTE.

The two questions are of an answer in an article published in the Wall Street Journal a few days of the conference on September 12 that Apple is most likely unveil the new iPhone.

The economic newspaper said, still according to sources not mentioned that the iPhone 5 will be compatible LTE frequencies and valid worldwide. If the United States and parts of Asia have moved to LTE since early 2011, deployments in Europe are still small and large operations will begin in 2013.

The iPhone 5 should therefore be part of the LTE for Europe including Stéphane Richard, Chairman of Orange indicated they lacked even cruelly to launch its LTE deployment in Marseille in June and asserting that the situation s 'arrange by year-end.

The iPhone 5 will be compatible LTE

The source of the Wall Street Journal points out, however it is not guaranteed that provide compatibility for all mobile operators in all countries. LTE with a network of broad frequency bands and various variations and even modulation (FDD West TDD in China TD-LTE harmonized with the local 3G standard TD-SCDMA). Is the founder Qualcomm modem that provides mobile products and Apple must cope with this puzzle different frequency bands.

LTE smartphones segment is within the smartphone market, one of the most dynamic countries have already deployed LTE networks but also one of the most profitable, the terminals being positioned generally upscale and generating margins. For mobile operators, they are also an opportunity to consume data services and introduce new packages in mobile broadband, both on the general public and business services that can benefit large flows but also low latency, creating an experience comparable to fixed broadband.

In the particular case of France, the three operators Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom want to go fast in their LTE deployment once the kick-off in early 2013 to take the fourth gear operator Free Mobile, busy deploying its 3G network / 4G for a few years.

IFA: Ice Screen, a funny screen 26 inch Android

Live IFA. The Chinese firm has TLC in Berlin Ice Screen, a 26-inch screen portable and usable battery, which provides an interface based on Android.

The Ice Screen is a product rather strange at first: it looks like a TV connected, but does not include a TV tuner.

It can be likened to a giant Android tablet, but it is not touch. This is actually a screen 26 inches - 66 inches diagonally - is it possible to install in landscape or portrait mode, and can be selectively connected to the mains or powered via a external battery with a battery life of 2 hours (sold separately).

The Ice Screen integrates numerous multimedia features, including video playback, photos or music, market applications, VoD services and an array of various options such as displaying the time and weather .

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A new generation of remote control helicopter

Enthusiasts gear remote controlled, you ever imagined you spend eternal joysticks with various buttons that never end? Here Chorus Helicopter Remote Control will transport you to another universe.

Chorus Helicopter Remote Control is a remote control that can guide a helicopter. With this device, it is no longer necessary to use a dashboard.

Indeed, this gadget circular is adjusted by a rotary dial at its upper part. To turn on the device, just the user to rotate in the desired direction, to the right or to the left.

Chorus Helicopter Remote Control is also provided with an orifice with a trigger, located at the base of the device to allow free circulation of the ROV to the desired direction.

Toshiba Exceria: three MicroSDHC memory card fast

Toshiba announces the release, by the end of the year, three memory cards with interest rates.

If you are considering buying a new memory card to expand the storage capacity of your mobile phone, touch pad, portable media player or digital camera, this should interest you.

The consumer electronics group Toshiba has just announced the introduction of some new MicroSDHC memory cards Exceria that rely on UHS-I specifications.

With this, we can consider spikes to 30 MB / s write phase and 95 MB / s in reading phase. Relatively attractive rates.

HTML5: Atari 8 revisited for the browser

Atari has partnered with Microsoft to offer its eight arcade titles to play in the web browser with HTML5.

Atari celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. The opportunity for Microsoft to act as a partner to provide a portal to eight arcade titles from the publisher. Classics of the genre and revisited such as Pong, Super Breakout, Lunar Lander, Missile Command or Combat.

This partnership is also an opportunity for Microsoft to promote HTML5 has revived these old titles to be playable directly in the web browser. A new design and new features are waiting for you.

Internet Explorer 9 is not mandatory but it gives the right to a gaming experience without advertising. In addition, Microsoft emphasizes functions adapted to touch tablets and particularly the arrival of Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10.

A development kit is also available for developers to create their own standards-compliant HTML5 games.

Recently, Microsoft has unveiled a list of 40 games (casual gaming) will be available via the application games on Windows 8 and Windows Store.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Microsoft offers Bing and Google compared to the blind

Microsoft's idea is very good: to promote its search engine, it offers users to compare it to Google, in "blind test".

The user is prompted to enter 5 keywords for each of which he must choose between the presentation page that suits him best. After the test, the user discovers what search engine they prefer.

The initiative is good because it offers really test the quality of each of the search engines without knowing which is which. For each of the five entries, you must choose the best presentation page, with the possibility of equal note. The links are not clickable and it is only on the presentation of results should be judged.

In this mode, Microsoft provides two times more users choose Bing rather than Google at the end of this test, according to tests performed on Answers Research 1000.

The importance Use Optical Mouse

will look into the importance Use Optical Mouse Of the following reasons :

- Reason 1 = Ball mouse is old fashion.

Who doesn’t like a stylish and more modern gadgets? Although this may not be a big deal for some and there is nothing wrong with the “old fashioned choices”,but if the new one is completely and a lot better than the old ones with no downside, then I guess there is nothing wrong in switching to the “modern ways”. The reason why you should use optical mouse is not just because its modern, but mainly it is much better than the ball mouse.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Data from 400 customers of Sony Mobile pirated

Databases customers mobile manufacturers seem more interested hackers.

After the dark matter of the 12 million iPhone identifiers allegedly drawn from a PC belonging to an FBI agent, it is the turn of Sony Mobile undergo data leakage.

Piracy, confirmed by the Japanese group, concerns data (names, emails and some passwords) to about 400 customers in China and Taiwan manufacturer but also data from three server administrators.
Data were subsequently published.

Poorly secured servers by hackers

The package has been taken by the group "NullCrew" who claims to have hacked eight servers operated by Sony too poorly secured according to him.

These servers are in charge of site management sonymobile.com. Sony says instead that hacked servers are operated by its partners. Still, the result is the same.

Bing propose a "Top current" home page

The Bing search engine now offers the homepage a "current Top" which covers the topics of the moment.

Located at the bottom right of the page, it offers several 3-4 subjects that link to research results and corresponding pictures.

This feature is available in France, England, Germany and the United States.

Last week, Microsoft introduced the function Friends' Photos that can launch a search query Bing from the photos posted on Facebook by his "friends".

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Repair windows xp without formatting

Here is a solution to use when you need to repair your installation of Windows XP without formatting. You can use if you do not find other ways to repair windows (before test, repair the sfc / scannow).

1. First, insert your bootable Windows XP in your CD/DVD drive.

2. Restart your computer

3. When it ask you to press any key to boot from CD, Press any key on your keyboard. Proceed to step 6.

4. If it doesn’t ask you, then restart your computer again.

AntiSec steals 12 million terminal identifiers Apple FBI

Apple's iOS each terminal has a unique identifier, a UDID (Unique Device Identifiers). It therefore includes the iPhone, iPad and iPod. However, It is a database of over 12 million of these identifiers that group AntiSec hackers claim to have stolen.

Some of these identifiers has even been posted on the Internet on the pastebin site. Hackers have they hacked Apple's servers to steal information? No, it's from an FBI agent, by exploiting a flaw in Java, they said they got the data.

Unique identifiers: a risk to civil liberties

Windows 8 Pro: Microsoft allow the return to Windows 7 or Vista but not XP

This provision is contained in the license agreement OEM new operating system, as was already the case for the pro version of Windows 7.

Users who purchased a PC comes with Windows 8 Pro will be able to return to Windows 7 or Vista. This is what provides the license agreement which applies to manufacturers who integrate the operating system in their new computers. The option to "downgrade" does not apply to the consumer version of Windows 8 sold individually.

This option was already available with Windows 7 Pro to allow customers to return to Windows XP. But with Windows 8 Pro Microsoft OS oldest still active (42.52% share of usage) is no longer in the plan downgrade.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Oracle provides critical patch for Java 7

Oracle has released a security update fixing critical vulnerabilities used by hackers to embezzle thousands of computers these days. The increasing number of attacks were yesterday, reported by all security firms, the new reassured.

Although the situation was critical, no specialist was able to tell if Oracle would issue a security update before the month of October. Patch with his out-of-band 1.7.0_07-b10 is now done. According to Rapid7, the security firm in charge of Metasploit, the update should make it possible to counter all attacks exploiting vulnerabilities implicated. Gowdiak Adam,

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Windows 8 PCs Lenovo All in One Touch

Like all other major manufacturers, Lenovo introduced its range of Windows 8 PC at IFA. And as with all other touch technology is obviously in the spotlight.

IdeaPad Z500

The IdeaPad Z500 worth approximately € 800 in November 2012 will be a fine model is: less than 24 mm according to Lenovo. Available in several colors and with a screen of 14 inches or 15 depending on the version, the Z500 Ultrabook is not: it is based on the Ivy Bridge chips and classic low power versions not found usually in this type of machine. Lenovo says that the machine will be offered with NVIDIA graphics cards, without specifying the model.

Firefox 15 improves memory management and security

The Mozilla Foundation today launched Firefox 15. The browser version should greatly improve the user experience, including correcting the perennial problem of memory management long criticized Mozilla. This version also fixes several security vulnerabilities.

Mozilla has released version 15 of its Firefox browser, ensuring that users would see dramatic improvements in performance, particularly because the new code that prevents memory leaks from add-ons. The Open Source developer also corrected 31 vulnerabilities, 23 of them were described as "critical" threat level of the highest operating system Mozilla. Five for their part were labeled "high" and three were declared "moderate." Nearly half of these vulnerabilities have been reported by Abhishek Arya aka "Inferno", a member of the security team of Google Chrome, Mozilla said.