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McAfee invented DRM photos posted on Facebook

Which was presented to us as a "condom for your social life" allows you to prohibit your friends to download your photos published. The screen printing is disabled, but we have no details on the exact functioning of this solution.

iPad mini: delivery times lengthen

Opened last Friday iPad preorders have mini seems it really started. Evidenced by the delivery which have been in a few hours from the original date of November 2 to 2 weeks.

VIZIO announced of Windows 8

PC newcomer Vizio has announced their Windows 8 holiday lineup consisting of two all-in-one desktops, two Ultrabooks and a single notebook.

A new generation of remote control helicopter

Enthusiasts gear remote controlled, you ever imagined you spend eternal joysticks with various buttons that never end? Here Chorus Helicopter Remote Control will transport you to another universe.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Nissan Launches Nismo Smartwatch in LONDON

Nissan Launches Nismo Smartwatch in LONDON
The SmartWatch called Nissan Nismo measure the speed of the user's heart, temperature and other biometric data, as well as monitoring the performance of the car, including average speed and fuel.

  consumption.According BBC, experts believe the clock could be an important step toward a better connectivity in cars that connectivity is the new field of battle Nismo car clock manufacturers.

The can be connected to the computer system in the vehicle and provide data on performance and the Nissan vehicle users can also adapted to receive messages through the gadget.

General Manager Marketing Communications Nissan in Europe, Gareth Dunsmore, said that mobile technology is becoming the next big thing and Nissan wants to take advantage of this innovative technology.

Editor of What Car?, Chas Hallett said the car could be connected been more useful than those offered by consumer electronics companies.

Nissan Nismo smartwatch comes in three colors, can be controlled by two buttons on the screen and has a battery life of about a week, the report said.