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McAfee invented DRM photos posted on Facebook

Which was presented to us as a "condom for your social life" allows you to prohibit your friends to download your photos published. The screen printing is disabled, but we have no details on the exact functioning of this solution.

iPad mini: delivery times lengthen

Opened last Friday iPad preorders have mini seems it really started. Evidenced by the delivery which have been in a few hours from the original date of November 2 to 2 weeks.

VIZIO announced of Windows 8

PC newcomer Vizio has announced their Windows 8 holiday lineup consisting of two all-in-one desktops, two Ultrabooks and a single notebook.

A new generation of remote control helicopter

Enthusiasts gear remote controlled, you ever imagined you spend eternal joysticks with various buttons that never end? Here Chorus Helicopter Remote Control will transport you to another universe.


Monday, September 8, 2014

Best phones of 2014 on the market

Best phones of 2014 on the market

Best phones of 2014 is usually in this article! On this list, you will find the best cell phone along with mobile phones that will add us 2014 Although obtain doesn't specifically indicate our inclination. These phones really have significantly for being sought after. No matter if you are interested in a jailbreak phone or perhaps need to know precisely what the best cell phone firm for the favorite program, these phones will definitely pleasure people.

Best phones of 2014: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Smart, modern in addition to easy. You can actually view exactly why this particular is amongst the very best telephones involving 2014 the style and design in this brand new Samsung cellular phone has shocked people enormously. While using Samsung Universe Observe 3 you possibly can collect in addition to share your own memories in addition to recollection pieces.Your current stylus pen or even notebook create your Samsung Universe Observe 3 additionally fits your own lively way of living with characteristics in addition to equipment such as Samsung Universe Products to provide your independence that only Samsung will give.

Best phones of 2014: Samsung Galaxy S4

That Smartphone is in charge of several new iphone 4 supporters are actually converted to Operating system. That fresh variation can be filled with fresh features and it is built for those that appreciate game titles along with a premium system. It really is definitely one of the better phones involving 2014.

Best phones of 2014: Motorola Moto X

The day that human beings can certainly communicate freely with this consumer electronics is getting more detailed using this type of phone. This kind of cell phone incorporates a speech reputation system that makes it possible to without touching the unit.Additionally, their compact design and style along with fantastic color choices for you to Moto X have grown to be the most effective cell phones associated with 2014 a very private phone. Their cost and its particular electric battery have left content.

Best phones of 2014: Motorola Moto G

In the event that you are looking for good quality Android os mobile phone, which has a battery of which persists a very long time and a lot associated with it doesn't include a large cost, this can be the mobile phone in your case. This specific mobile phone is excellent, pleasant in addition to low cost. It is all set that you should start keeping about Internet.

Many mobile consumers have suggested this specific for the reason that very best Android os mobile phone 2014.

Best phones of 2014: HTC One

This HTC One has some sort of screen using a high definition along with superb stereo audio sound. Nearly this kind of mobile phone is a lightweight amusement machine. Furthermore, its durable development can make it a great along with long lasting option. Basic characteristics, it truly is worthy of obtaining this kind of mobile phone this kind of 2014.

Best phones of 2014: Apple iPhone 5S

The modern  iPhone  5s is that the quickest smartphone from the Apple company. during this re-creation additionally incorporates one in every of the most effective camera phones offered.With a gorgeous new package and therefore the spectacular options of the camera, the iPhone is certainly one in every of the most effective phones of 2014 you'll obtain.

Best phones of 2014: Sony Xperia Z2

Imagine a cell that's resistant to water, mud and ready to withstand any kind of task. now add a quick processor and a crystal massive screen. If you want a phone that may face up to tough, we recommend the Sony Xperia Z2. All this and a lot of offers this Best phones of 2014.

Best phones of 2014: Nokia Lumia 1020

With its spectacular camera with innumerable megapixels and virtually skilled zoom, the Nokia Lumia 1020 is one among the best phones of 2014 you can have. The photos with this mobile ar in magnificent, clear photos. Moreover, its value will surprise you.

Best phones of 2014: LG G2

The LG G2 has a lot of hardware features and improved battery we have seen when put next to another cell.It conjointly features a very fast processor. Its large battery lets you go days while not charging. It is jam-packed with new features and features a 1080p show spectacularly beautiful. The LG G2 is one of the most effective automaton phones you'll be able to get.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Nissan Launches Nismo Smartwatch in LONDON

Nissan Launches Nismo Smartwatch in LONDON
The SmartWatch called Nissan Nismo measure the speed of the user's heart, temperature and other biometric data, as well as monitoring the performance of the car, including average speed and fuel.

  consumption.According BBC, experts believe the clock could be an important step toward a better connectivity in cars that connectivity is the new field of battle Nismo car clock manufacturers.

The can be connected to the computer system in the vehicle and provide data on performance and the Nissan vehicle users can also adapted to receive messages through the gadget.

General Manager Marketing Communications Nissan in Europe, Gareth Dunsmore, said that mobile technology is becoming the next big thing and Nissan wants to take advantage of this innovative technology.

Editor of What Car?, Chas Hallett said the car could be connected been more useful than those offered by consumer electronics companies.

Nissan Nismo smartwatch comes in three colors, can be controlled by two buttons on the screen and has a battery life of about a week, the report said.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

fix camera screen black for samsung galaxy

fix camera screen black for samsung galaxy
The problem first :

Galaxy SII getting Unknown error by ErrorCallback Flash does not appear to work.

The problem second :

Samsung galaxy s2 goes black. Unable to take photos

 Now the solution to all these problems

Step 1 : Go to Settings

Step 2 : Select Applications ->Manage Applications or Apps

Step 3 : Select All (Look for ALL on top menu or swipe to the right to get to ALL)

Step 4 : Select Camera. Select Force Stop and Clear Data.

Step 5 : Go back to All and select Google Services Framework.
Select Clear Data.

Step 6 : Turn off (shut down) your phone and turn it back on.
Test your camera issue.