Saturday, September 8, 2012

A new generation of remote control helicopter

Enthusiasts gear remote controlled, you ever imagined you spend eternal joysticks with various buttons that never end? Here Chorus Helicopter Remote Control will transport you to another universe.

Chorus Helicopter Remote Control is a remote control that can guide a helicopter. With this device, it is no longer necessary to use a dashboard.

Indeed, this gadget circular is adjusted by a rotary dial at its upper part. To turn on the device, just the user to rotate in the desired direction, to the right or to the left.

Chorus Helicopter Remote Control is also provided with an orifice with a trigger, located at the base of the device to allow free circulation of the ROV to the desired direction.

Straight out of the imagination of Ben Wahrlich, Chorus Helicopter Remote Control has a rather simplistic look with colors quite sober.


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