Sunday, July 15, 2012

Progeasy : how to Install Computer Motherboard

Now you have selected cheap computer parts, we will start the computer assembly. We can go ahead and install motherboard.
Firstwe will learn to installcomputer motherboard in the computer case. Then we will learn toinstall power supply in the case.
Step by step guide to install motherboard :

1) Find sufficient clean work surface with sufficient light to buildcomputer.

2) You will require minimum to 2 mains poweroutlets for computer checking.

3) You will also require good quality screw driver set and anti-staticstrap set.

4) Connect spike guard to mains power to get multiple outlets.

5) Get all the component boxes and place it nearby.

ImportantTip 1 - Always fasten the screw clockwise and unfasten it anticlockwise

Start to build computer :

Getting exited!Cool down buddy. And don't be in hurry to connect the power supply tomains outlet.

We will start withcomputer case and power supply. Now a days computer cases are built inwith the power supply. If power supply is not fitted, please followthese steps.

Try to find a PSUwith a minimum power rating of 300 watts. Get the power supply box.Unpack the power supply. Also unpack the computer case. Check thefitting screw kit. Check the instruction guide to decide how to openthe case. In most cases, we have to remove side covers. Now check theback side of case to find fan hole. Generally this hole is at the topside. You have to mount the power supply so that fan of power supplywill match with the large hole. You should ensure that the fan outletand power socket on the Power supply will face outward. Now tighten thefixing screws with the help of proper screw driver to hold the Powersupply in place.

Back side Photo ofcase with power supply fitted.

Now your cheap computer case is ready. But don't connect the mains power. But set the proper voltage setting i.e. 115/230 V switch setting.Let us start to install computer motherboard.Now unpack the motherboard.Generally it is packed in anti static bag. On the motherboard you will notice small holes with metallic rings. Find the matching points inside the case to install computer motherboard. Use fixing supplied with the case to allow you to screw the motherboard into place. These fixing will raise the motherboard around half an inch off the mounting plate. For additional precaution, you can place insulation sheet, between case and motherboard. Please note that the components are soldered on motherboard.Important Tip 2 - The solder side of motherboard should not touch the case. As this may result in short circuit which will ultimately damage the motherboard circuit.The Motherboard should always be fitted such that back panel connectors are accessible to the rear of the case.See the photo carefully to install computer motherboard and it's various sections. Read valueable motherboard tips here.

To install computer motherboard, here is the side view.

This cheap computer will give you value for your money.Now let us see how to install the Intel Pentium 4 CPU.Now you know how to install computer motherboard, let us go to build PC stage 2, Here we will learn to install CPU and RAM.


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