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Amazon Prime A Good Offer

Amazon Prime A Good Offer
Amazon Prime members are present for several years and, over the years, won some notable improvements. 

 Once is not only a free shipping offer, the first is now a streaming service Netflix and digital library, too. It is a lot to gain with a single subscription.

One is $ 79 per year, however, and there is no way to reduce this amount in advance (monthly subscription program, created in 2012, was fired). 

 Many people will find themselves looking at the costs and ask yourself - is it really worth it? Or I go to Flushing $ 80 down the drain? Let's take a closer look.

Prime At A Glance 

Amazon Prime A Good Offer

Amazon Prime basically includes three major benefits, all of which are only targeted at shoppers in the United States (sorry, everyone else!)

The core benefit is free two-day shipping on items sold by Amazon or by a partner that has its order fulfilled by Amazon. There are no minimum purchases, but this offer does not extend to third-party vendors selling through Amazon’s website (which can lead to some confusion).

Another nice boon is access to Amazon’s streaming video service. The company has worked hard to build this feature out, and it now offers variety that’s nearly on par with Netflix. You can access the service on a PC or through various media devices, like the Roku.

Finally, Prime subscribers can “borrow” one Kindle book a month, for free, but there’s a rather big catch – you can only borrow via Kindle hardware, not via the Kindle app. Which rather feels like a poke in the eye for those who own, well, any other tablet.

A Closer Look At Free Two-Day Shipping

Amazon Prime A Good Offer

Free shipping offer is at the heart of the first is great. Two-day shipping is not free, it's fast - you can not beat that with a stick, right?

Point more critical view reveals that the offer is not as impressive as it sounds. Remember, Amazon already offers FREE SHIPPING on orders over $ 25, sold directly by Amazon or thirty-party provider that has its orders fulfilled by Amazon. And these are the only items that qualify for free shipping two days of the first. So what really pays is not free shipping - receive anyway - but fast shipping.

The value represented by the two-day shipping can vary greatly due to Amazon tends to overestimate the duration of the super saving shipping to get to your door. While often claiming page 5 days to 2 weeks, I realized that it is not uncommon to receive an item more than 5 working days after ordering. However, with two-day shipping on the list is nice when you want an object now.

You can actually pay more for the item, though. Why? Because a first member has an incentive to only order the items directly from Amazon or fulfilled by Amazon comrade and you can even see the price of their place of (potentially lower) prices of other suppliers.

Amazon Prime A Good Offer  

Here is an example, currently the package holiday Xbox 360 2012 sells for $ 292 a prescription filled by the partner Amazon, and when I logged into my account, this is the price I see. But if I'm not online, I rather see a price of $ 281, which is provided by a third party merchant.

Of course, thirteen dollars difference could be compensated for transport and will not break anyone's budget. But a few dollars here and there can add up, especially for Amazon large consumers. Once a member of Prime, eligible providers Premium price will take precedence when connected, which means that you may end up paying more if you are meticulous control tips offered by other suppliers.

 Prime Instant Video Is The Real Value
Amazon Prime A Good Offer

 Amazon Prime Instant Video is basically a Netflix clone, and works the same way. You sign, browse movies, transmit. As long as you have a down payment, you can access all movies available to Amazon Prime members at no additional cost.

The only major difference is the price. Amazon annual subscription of $ 79 is made up of about $ 6.50 per month, which is less than Netflix for $ 7.99 per month. But unlike Netflix, you can take the first pieces per year. If for some reason you lose access to broadband during the year, or others do not need this service, so be it. You have already paid.

But this is the only score to settle. Quantification of the best service catalog is almost impossible, since the first and Netflix see options come and go like the old contracts expire and new signed. Personally, I would say they are at ground level. Both do a decent job to catch the latest blockbusters and both have a good selection (though incomplete) of television programs more. Neither does a good job of planting newly released TV - and that's what Hulu is.

Kindle Lending Probably Isn’t Worth Your Time

Amazon Prime A Good Offer

Note, however, that I said "your Kindle device." Can be used in all cases, this function on a PC or a tablet that is not a Kindle Fire. This is a very important constraint. Of course, you can borrow books for free - but only after paying for the first member and Kindle reader or tablet.

And while Amazon makes hay on their huge selection, millions of songs are not available. Find book lending is becoming more difficult as one moves away from the traditional literary fiction and other genres, such as history or science. And since you can not borrow one book at a time, and no easy way to copy pages, borrow function is almost useless for anything other than casual reading.

Therefore, you must register for Amazon Prime?

The agreement is the first you depends largely on how you can use the service. If you are looking for a provider of streaming video to help you "cut the cord" on cable, the first will be a lot, and I highly recommend taking the plunge.

Those who are more interested in shipping, however, must be careful. All you get is faster free shipping first, and on top of that, you may have to pay more for an item to leverage your subscription. Only very frequent users, or customers who purchase large items (such as TVs), get the most of your subscription.

Then there is the Kindle lending library for all, except for a small niche of followers they already have Kindle and only want to read popular literature, is basically useless. If you want to borrow a book, go to the library.


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