Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The washing machine of the future

The concept of washing machines Bauknecht from home is not just round, it is also flanked by an avant-garde design.

To design futuristic washing machine, Bauknecht appealed to German industrial designer Arman Emami. Firm belonging to the group already Whirlpool offers a taste of what could be his next washing machine.

 A priori, the machine is more reminiscent of an aircraft engine. Free edge and corners, its innovative design allows it to be placed anywhere.

What change the laundry and put it in the living room or in another room. The unit is equipped with two feet which ensure its stability.

At the options against the washing machine has retained the same functionality as conventional devices. In prototype phase, Bauknecht has not yet disclosed the possibility of marketing its futuristic washing machine.


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